Ever wondered what would be the perfect gift for children nowadays? We know how hard it is to choose something for our kids that they would enjoy. So why not give them a 3D version of their doodles? This can be a unique gift that your child won’t even expect to see, a figurine of the characters on their drawing.

How does it work?

At MyDoodle3D, we require an image of the drawing that is needed to be converted into a 3D figure. Parents can send in the jpeg version of their child’s doodling/drawing. The specified figure can be of anything, it can be a drawing of your kid’s favorite cartoon character, animal, alien or even an original piece of something they like to draw often.

We will create a 3D digital model that is identical to the specified character in the drawing. The height of the figure would be around 12cm, but the width can vary according to the doodle. All you need to do is go and visit our website and send us the jpeg image from there with the necessary details that we need.

3D Printing Children Doodles and Drawings– A Perfect Gift for your Child​

children doodles
my doodle to 3D figure
model form dooles

Keep it simple..Simply make it!

Phylosophy of the 3D figurines

Our purpose is to bring out your child’s imagination so that they can have a great experience seeing their work come to life. Kids can also have fun painting onto the 3D figures in any color they want which is why we usually print it in white or silver color, but you can also suggest a color you want the model to be printed in if it is available. The material used for making these 3D figures is PLA plastic which is safe and biodegradable so no need to worry.

There is no doubt this idea is so out of the box so why not go ahead and order one for your children too and see their faces glow with joy as they see their work and creativity come to life.

doodles to figurines

How to Order?

To get the 3D figure of your child’s drawing, upload the image in the order section of our website MyDoodle3D and mention in the text box which characters you want us to 3D print. We also give the option to print up to four figures.

For example, if your child's drawing includes 4 figures, it wouldn't be fair to get only one in 3D form and not the rest because it might be incomplete the story your child probably has in their mind. We also provide the option to choose the desired color for the figure either white or silver.